Jewelry FAQ

Jewelry Care

Take care of your jewelry, treat it gently and it will last a very long time!  It is recommended to remove jewelry before going in the water, whether for a shower, a swim in the ocean or a pool. And definitely no sleeping in the earrings!  

Store jewelry in an organized space. The small zip-loc the item is shipped in will prevent tarnishing for sterling silver items.  (I know, plastic, ughhh – but in this case it is recommended because it will limit exposure to the air, which is what causes silver to become tarnished). 

Chains can be rinsed in warm soapy water and air-dried.  This will remove dirt and skin oils that can build up over time.  The wire pieces can be gently polished with a cream jewelry polish or polishing cloth.  Dip cleaners are suggested only for occasional use as they will slowly etch the surface over time, affecting the sparkle of the chains.  

Do not use dip cleaner on oxidized pieces, as it will reveal a dull surface underneath the color.  Oxidized silver is not a permanent treatment and will change over time depending on your unique body chemistry. You may notice a slow lightening over weeks or months. You are welcome to contact us to have your item re-oxidized. 

A Note about Gold Fill

Many of the pieces in the collection are made with gold fill (also referred to as gold filled or GF). What does that mean, and how is it different from solid gold, gold plate or gold vermeil?

Gold fill is not actually “filled” but rather a sandwich consisting of a core alloy (jeweler’s brass or a lower karat gold alloy) and multiple outer layers of solid gold, which are bonded via pressure and heat. It is most commonly available in 14 karat in the US. Because the layer of gold is so thick, it will not tarnish or wear off with use. Gold fill is 5% gold by weight and does not contain nickel, so provided you aren't allergic to solid gold, you should not experience issues with gold fill jewelry. 

Gold plating, on the other hand, is a very thin coating (generally 0.05%) and can easily wear out or chip over time.

Gold vermeil refers to a 2.5 micron gold plating specifically over sterling or fine silver and is at minimum 10 karats. It is much thicker than traditional gold plating, but thinner than gold fill. 

Treat your gold filled jewelry with care and it will last a lifetime!