"are we there yet?" | green
"are we there yet?" | green

"are we there yet?" | green

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These little birds are curious and thoughtful. They ask you to pause for a moment, to pay attention, to ponder. Which one speaks to you?

Each little bird is a unique work of art. It all starts with a stamp of a fluffy blue jay (among the most inquisitive of birds). The jay elicits a handwritten phrase, often in the form of a question, and always in the spirit of curiosity. Each little bird is finished with encaustic, a beeswax based painting medium, in warm or cool hues. Each piece is completed on 3" by 5" Bristol board, mounted to a 3/4" thick wood panel and ready to hang. It is also sturdy enough to be displayed standing, on your favorite shelf.

Avoid placing your little bird in direct sunlight or near heat – beeswax begins to melt at approximately 145 degrees Fahrenheit.